Wangfujing | Beijing, China

Hoppers for Street food in Beijing - by Flickr user clara-maya

Wangfujing literally translates to ‘the Prince’s Mansion well’ and is a shopping area in Beijing that truly comes to life at night. The local residents of Beijing formerly called it Donhuamen Night Food Street. With about 100 food stalls consisting of foods that are true to Beijing culture, this market draws both locals and tourists alike. You can expect to find crispy scorpions, seahorses, sheep’s penis, silk worms, and centipedes on a stick. The Night Market is a great place for the adventurous foodie to try new foods or, if your stomach is too weak, watch others do so. To reach this area get off at Wangfujing Subway Station; the south entrance to the market is located by the Oriental Plaza and Beijing hotel.

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