Central America & Caribbean

Corals of the Great Blue Hole in Belize - Flickr CC jayhem

Known for its exemplary beauty, Belize is a small sea side nation located between Guatemala and Mexico. Whether you want to enjoy oceanic activities or jungle adventures, Belize is the ideal destination for that perfect holiday. Mentioned below is a list of some of the most interesting places that you can visit while in Belize. […]

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Sunset in Antigua - Flickr CC aliciamhernandez

Antigua has beaches, coves, sand and sun in good measure. Of course, you can choose to spend your whole vacation on the beach, however, you would be missing out on great walks through the small villages, trips to the Saturday Morning Market and excursions on the historic sites. Now here are a few things to […]

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Punta Cana Dominican Republic - Flickr CC benkucinski

The Dominican Republic is part of the Greater Antilles, a very beautiful island with many places of interest. As a tourist looking for exceptional comfort during your vacation, it is important to consider visiting this unique country. The republic has a population of 10 million people with a mostly tropical climate. And it is blessed […]

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